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Please enable JavaScript in your browser. I am unaware of to whom I need to bring it, but simply having it in my inventory periodically casts a number of nasty debuffs on me.

turn a blind eye (to something) (phrase) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

This can be avoided simply by being mounted. The pools only affect you while standing on them unmounted. That appears to be it! Hope this helps someone out and we can quickly find out who wants this item! EDIT: While they are called "curses", they are not actually the spell category of curses, ie cannot be dispelled. They're your typical, non-dispellable, red-border debuff. The debuff stacks you have upon death do go away instantly, but start over as soon as you return to your body.

Comment by Calmasaurus You bring it to Gloomseeker Yarga. The Hanging Reef 38, 59 under the water in a cave.

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I had two items, traded both of them to Yarga, and only had one of Jingling Sack in my bags. I received g.

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The second item will always be a mystery. EDIT: The second hand-in reward was mailed to me, just can only have one in your bags at a time. Comment by X2GG These things could be sometimes lucrative and sometime not.

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I got around g from the blind eye and only from other items sold to same vendor. Comment by swordstrike The cave is right next to the alliance and horde central hubs underneath a waterfall right next to the main road. There is a turtle NPC in the cave that you have to click on and an option to turn the eye in is available. Upon giving the eye, you get a sack, my sack contained gold 27 silver and 11 copper. Comment by Jdekik Even so, the COO kept doing it harder!

The business was sold in distress.

turn a blind eye

Public company — A flamboyant president of a manufacturing subsidiary produced modest growth in revenues year after year and profits that grew disproportionately faster. The performance was personally worth it; his defined bonus plan payout became more lucrative with each year that passed. Their focus turned to inventory. It had tripled over the course of three years but revenues had not done the same.

turn a blind eye

Family controlled — A son, well-educated and well trained in the family business was appointed president as his father moved towards retirement. From the sidelines the father had concerns but when he raised them, his son pushed back and the father would retreat. It took just over two years for the vise to close. Chapter 11 followed ending with a discounted asset sale. Closely controlled — An executive was known to be curt, impolite, and even rude to some of the women in the organization and worse, he was also known to be inappropriately amorous to others in both word and action.

Eventually a woman who was a target of his amorous approach shared her concerns with another executive.

By doing so the matter was brought to the board of directors which in turn then confronted the president. The offending executive was encouraged to seek other employment and sometime thereafter, for other reasons, the president was relieved of duty. Public company — A division prided itself as having the best and brightest game changers in the industry to serve its blue chip customers. This dilemma was obvious to the board of directors and meeting after meeting they prodded the CEO to remedy the problem, either by generating more revenue with the same staff or reducing the staff.

He effectively refused to act and in time the board was forced to; the division was folded as was the CEO. Coping With Culture Clash. Scaling Success Through Local Radio.

Blind Eye Blind Eye
Blind Eye Blind Eye
Blind Eye Blind Eye
Blind Eye Blind Eye
Blind Eye Blind Eye
Blind Eye Blind Eye
Blind Eye Blind Eye

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