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Export Controls and Controlled Goods

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The Treasury Board Policy on Management of Materiel provides direction for the management of departmental materiel assets throughout their life cycle and, with respect to the management of controlled goods, requires that deputy heads ensure that: "Materiel assets designated as controlled goods, as defined in Part 2 of the Defence Production Act , are given the level of protection necessary to prevent their unauthorized examination, possession, or transfer and are managed in compliance with the Treasury Board Directive on Controlled Goods.

Although Part 2 Regulation of Access to Controlled Goods of the Defence Production Act does not apply to members of the following classes of persons who act in good faith in the course of their duties and employment: those who occupy a position in the federal public service or a federal Crown corporation; public officers as defined in subsection Departments must ensure that their controlled goods are not knowingly transferred [3] to or examined by any person who is not excluded, or registered, or exempt from registration.

When disposing of their surplus military and other controlled goods, if they cannot be transferred to a person who is excluded, registered, or exempt from registration, departments must ensure that they are demilitarized and that their control status, if in doubt, is verified with the Export Control Division of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada before they are disposed of.

When using the disposal services of Public Works and Government Services Canada or those of its contractors, departments must ensure that controlled goods are clearly identified as such when they are declared surplus. Departments must keep and maintain records that contain: a description of any controlled goods in their custody, the date of their receipt, and identification of the person from whom they were transferred; a description of any controlled goods transferred by the department, the date of their transfer, and the identity and address of the person to whom they were transferred; and a description of the manner and date of disposition [4] of the controlled goods.

Departments must establish and implement a security [5] plan for each place of business in Canada where controlled goods are kept.

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This security plan must set out in writing: the procedures used to control the examination, possession and transfer of controlled goods; the procedures for reporting and investigating security breaches in relation to controlled goods; the description of the responsibilities of the department's security organization and the identity of the individuals who are responsible for the security of controlled goods; and the contents of security briefings and training programs given to employees and to registered or exempt contracted workers, as the case may be.

Departments must provide training programs in respect of the secure handling of controlled goods for their employees and for exempt visitors who are authorized to possess or examine those goods.

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Departments must advise the Controlled Goods Directorate in Public Works and Government Services Canada, without delay, of any security breaches in relation to controlled goods. Public Works and Government Services Canada is accountable under Part 2 of the Defence Production Act for the registration or exemption from registration of persons possessing, examining or transferring controlled goods within Canada.

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Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, under the Export and Import Permits Act , is authorized to determine whether items goods or technology are controlled goods. Report a problem or mistake on this page.

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Date modified: Unfortunately however, bailiff repayment plans are normally based around getting the highest amount of money from you as quickly as possible. This leaves no consideration for your other commitments. For this reason , bailiff action can sometimes be quickly followed by deeper cash problems within the business.

If this is something you are concerned about, our advice is deal with the immediate bailiff problem, and then immediately confront the wider cash issues. If you have other debts or tax arrears as well, it is worth getting overall financial advice. Liquidation is likely to crystallise any outstanding personal guarantees, so you will need to consider carefully how to deal with these prior to liquidating.

There are options available that we are happy to discuss, but it is important to understand the potential effects of the guarantees prior to liquidating.

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It may be possible to pay for the assets over a period of time, though it is likely that security would be required. Toggle navigation. What is a CGA or controlled goods agreement?

What happens when a bailiff takes control of my goods? Some key things to be aware of regarding controlled goods agreements: Once you have signed a CGA, it is illegal to remove or, for example, try to sell any of the goods listed on the agreement; to do so would be a criminal offence.

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Control Goods Control Goods
Control Goods Control Goods
Control Goods Control Goods
Control Goods Control Goods
Control Goods Control Goods
Control Goods Control Goods
Control Goods Control Goods
Control Goods Control Goods
Control Goods

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