Ignited: Volume 1: The Saints Rising

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Gradually estranged from areas where it became unsafe to wear a kippah, the Jews here joined a quiet exodus that has depleted Jewish communities north of Paris. Some of the Saint-Denis seder guests are poor Jews with no family in France, including Mordechai Elbaz, a year-old former dope dealer who lives in a moldy two-room apartment.

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He plans to attend the seder this year with his only relative — a sister, who is on a visit from Israel. Other Saint-Denis congregants choose the public seder over a family setting. Drugs are sold openly at a local train station.

By Victor Hugo

In November, two suspected terrorists were killed here in a police raid on alleged perpetrators and accomplices tied to the terrorist attacks that month in Paris, which killed people. During the raid, the Jewish community of Saint-Denis went into lockdown for a few days.

The Saints Above Medley

At the Chabad House, congregants exchange hugs, kisses and back slaps. His administrational skills keep the place ticking.

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And Rivky, her charm and sweetness just melts everyone who meets her. It made her decide to move four months ago to Noisy-le-Grand, an affluent eastern suburb, but she still comes to Saint-Denis for community events. Next year he is planning to join the 20, French Jews who have immigrated to Israel since By submitting the above I agree to the privacy policy and terms of use of JTA. Search ToggleSearch toggle Search for:. By Cnaan Liphshiz April 5, pm. Soldiers guarding a staff member at a Chabad school in Paris, Nov. This space age rendering of these epic tales really proves the point.

The Kauravas and Pandavas go high tech as their forces clash in the fiercest battle the universe has ever known. In this volume we see the real puppet master behind the great war, Shakuni, the man who manoeuvred both sides into hating each other in order to satisfy a lifelong thirst for revenge against the Empire. The greatest empire the universe has ever known. Ever expanding and seemingly impossible to resist.

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  4. One man makes it his life-long mission to see that empire crumble into dust. Taken from his home as a child, forced to watch his father and loved ones starve to death before his very eyes, Shakuni vows to make those responsible pay for their actions. Slowly but surely he plots the destruction of everything they hold dear. Revenge will be his, at any cost, even if it means hurting those he cared for, because vengeance has no room for compassion. It is time to see how one man turned the Royal Family of the Kaurava Empire against each other and caused the spark that ignited the greatest civil war ever known.

    Each volume in the series is a stand-alone adventure that will mesmerize and thrill readers everywhere. The Kaurava Empire: Volume Two. The Mahabharata goes science fiction in this graphic retelling of the war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Ashwatthama, a reluctant warrior commits the ultimate crime and must pay for it by wandering the universe, friendless and alone for all eternity. A graphic reminder that war can brutalize even the best of men and that revenge is seldom worth the price. Cursed to wander the universe, friendless, alone and in pain, Ashwatthama has eternity to ponder his crimes and to yearn for forgiveness.

    Can he escape his terrible past and find peace or will he be doomed to live forever? When Drona is killed through trickery on the battlefield, Ashwatthama swears vengeance and his revenge is bloody and terrible. The Kaurava Empire: Volume One. Told through the eyes of the Pandava Prince, Abhimanyu, and the Kaurava Prince who ultimately kills him, this tale of teenage heroism, sacrifice and adventure has been thrilling readers for centuries.

    As civil war tears the Empire apart, the Kauravas seek to stamp out the revolution headed by their cousins the Pandavas. But in civil war there are no victors, only victims. Join us on the battlefield of Kurukshetra for the ultimate battle as the sixteen year-old Abhimanyu risks all to save his family from destruction. Sundarkaand: Triumph of Hanuman.

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    As they search for her, Ram and his brother Lakshman meet Sugreev, the king of the monkeys. In aid of Ram, Sugreev sends out search teams in all directions. One of the teams discovers that Sita is imprisoned in Lanka, the rich and splendid city of demons, across the southern sea. The wide and tumultuous sea poses a challenge. There is only one who can cross it and bring back news of Sita. He is Hanuman, son of the Wind, advisor to Sugreev, and devotee of Ram.

    Draupadi: Fire-Born Princess. A mysterious prophecy resounds, and the bewitchingly beautiful princess Draupadi arises from the sacred fire in Panchala. Draupadi the princess is in love with Arjuna, the Pandava prince. But fate weaves strange events, and Draupadi finds herself wedded to five men—Arjuna and his four Pandava brothers. Evil waits around every corner and a terrible war looms overhead. Will the impulsive Draupadi brave the humiliation destiny has written for her?

    Will she lose everything she has loved?

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    Adapted from the ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata, this is the story of an astonishingly outspoken woman, who is abandoned at every turn, and forced to make the difficult choice between revenge and compassion. Read an Excerpt. The Beautiful Game: Survival.

    Krishna: Defender of Dharma.

    North of Paris, a beleaguered Jewish community dares to seder

    To vanquish him and his horde of evil monsters, Lord Vishnu comes to Earth in his eighth avatar — Krishna, the defender of dharma. Since his birth, Krishna valiantly fights evil monsters, showing courage and valour. But as he grows up and becomes a councillor of the race of Yadavas, he observes that the real struggle in this age is not with magical monsters but with evil kings and warriors. Accompany this wise and courageous hero on his journey on Earth as he conquers evil to put mankind back on the path of righteousness.

    Sinbad: The Legacy. Sinbad, the legendary hero of the high seas, has faced many challenges in his lifetime, but none will test him more than the when he is made responsible for a wilful ward, Habib. Together they set off on a voyage, only to find themselves in the middle of a harsh storm on a wild sea. Luck guides them to an island full of riches, but they are still not safe.

    Ignited: Volume 1: The Saints Rising Ignited: Volume 1: The Saints Rising
    Ignited: Volume 1: The Saints Rising Ignited: Volume 1: The Saints Rising
    Ignited: Volume 1: The Saints Rising Ignited: Volume 1: The Saints Rising
    Ignited: Volume 1: The Saints Rising Ignited: Volume 1: The Saints Rising
    Ignited: Volume 1: The Saints Rising Ignited: Volume 1: The Saints Rising

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