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The single was released on October 25, The long version was still played on many album rock and alternative rock radio stations. The song is in the key of C sharp major. In this song, Green Day detail the life and times of a so-called Jesus of Suburbia, the fictional protagonist of American Idiot. His real name is Jimmy, which is revealed in the extended music video when a girl calls him that and in the cut version of the video when he writes "Saint Jimmy" on a bathroom stall later on in the American Idiot album, he officially changed his name in the song "St.

Jimmy", although still calls himself Jesus of Suburbia, and is called that by Whatsername in "Letterbomb". The name "Jesus of Suburbia" may just mean he is the savior of the rebels in suburbia.

Jesus Of Suburbia by Green Day Misheard Song and Music Lyrics

He is a resident of Jingletown, USA, and the son of a divorced mother. His younger years were spent on a "steady diet of soda pop and Ritalin", watching television, using drugs, and loitering in front of convenience stores. Although everything seems alright at first, Jimmy feels trapped and bored in Jingletown and longs for escape, as he narrates in "City of the Damned".

In a coming of age move, Jimmy leaves Jingletown by the end of the song to explore The City.

Green day jesus of suburbia live in tokyo

His exploits in The City are not described in this song, but are described in greater detail in the rest of the album, especially in "Holiday" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". Nevertheless, to describe the essence of the personality of Jimmy, Green Day proclaims, "I'm the son of rage and love. I can't remember a word that you were saying Are we demented? Or am I disturbed? The space that's in between insane and insecure Oh, therapy, can you, please, fill the void?

Am I retarded?

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Or am I just overjoyed? Nobody's perfect and I stand accused For lack of a better word and that's my best excuse Part V Tales of another broken home To live, and not to breathe Is to die, in tragedy To run, to run away to find what to believe And I leave behind this hurricane of fucking lies I lost my faith to this, this town that don't exist So I run ,I run away To the light of masochist And I, leave behind this hurricane of fucking lies And I, walked this line a million and one fucking times But not this time I don't feel any shame, i wont apologize When there ain't nowhere you can go Running away from pain when you've been victimized Tales from another broken home You're leaving You're leaving You're leaving You're leaving home!

American Idiot. Are We The Waiting. Bab's Uvula Who?

Basket Case. Before The Lobotomy.

Best Thing In Town. Bored For Life.

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Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. Boys In The Bathroom Stall. Brain Stew. Brutal Love. Carpe Diem. Cigarettes And Valentines. Coming Clean.

"Jesus Of Suburbia" lyrics

Do da Da. Don't Leave Me. Drama Queen. East Jesus Nowhere. Extraordinary Girl. Fashion Victim. First Noel. Fuck Time. Give Me Novacaine. Good Riddance time Of Your Life. Having A Blast. Hitchin A Ride. Jesus Of Suburbia. Kill The Dj.

Jesus of Suburbia Jesus of Suburbia
Jesus of Suburbia Jesus of Suburbia
Jesus of Suburbia Jesus of Suburbia
Jesus of Suburbia Jesus of Suburbia
Jesus of Suburbia Jesus of Suburbia
Jesus of Suburbia Jesus of Suburbia
Jesus of Suburbia Jesus of Suburbia

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