Lou dor (El Balancí) (Catalan Edition)

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Archive consultation in the library's reading rooms. Interlibrary loans. Archive reproduction. In , he was awarded the Creu de Sant Jordi. In he became known as a writer when he obtained the Joanot Martorell Prize for the novel Com ganivets o flames. From this point he began to enjoy success as an author with Dotze bumerangs i El gandul.

He wrote and recorded a story for children, Viatge a la Lluna, with music by Xavier Montsalvatge. On 23 April he began to publish a daily column in the new Catalan-language daily Avui , entitled A la vora de He has hosted television interview programs - Personal i intrasferible on Canal Vestir-se per morir.

Barcelona: Selecta, Els joves i els altres. Els germans petits de tothom. Barcelona: La Galera , Barcelona: La Campana, Com ganivets o flames. Dotze bumerangs. El gandul. Tots som iguals. La trampa.

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Combat de nit. Barcelona: Club Editor, La collita del diable.

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Barcelona: Alfaguara , Vermell i passa. Petit observatori. Barcelona: Grup 33, Els nostres objectes de cada dia. Barcelona: Ed.

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Inventari de jubilacions. Viatge al Pirineu de Lleida. Viatge al Priorat. Viatge a la Segarra. Barcelona: Dopesa, A peu per la Terra Alta. A peu per la Llitera. A peu per l'Alt Maestrat. A peu pels camins de cendra. A peu pel Matarranya. Barcelona : La Campana, A peu pel Comtat i la Marina. A peu per Castella. A peu per Extremadura. A peu per Mallorca sen veure el mar. El Somontano.

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A la vora de l'Avui. Barcelona: La Llar del Llibre, Relacions Particulars. El meu ofici.

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  • Works (114).
  • Josep M. Barcelona: Alcides, Carrers de Barcelona. Barcelona, blanc i negre. Badalona Badalona is a municipality to the immediate north east of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. By population, it is the twenty-third in Spain , it became a city in The Roman town's plan was based on their common scheme of the cardo and decumanus , occupying some 11 ha, with a line of walls measuring x m and having large defensive towers. In the 1st century BC it had some 15, inhabitants; the current Badalona was formed in the 10th century, as a new urban nucleus built over and around the old Roman city.

    It comprised a group of houses built around the church.

    Camí de sirga / The Towpath

    At the same time, a rural nucleus grew up outside the town walls; this rural and urban dichotomy would remain until the midth century. Sant Jeroni de la Murtra Monastery, built in the 14th century, is where the Catholic Monarchs would spend their summers. This is where they received Christopher Columbus after his first voyage to the Americas. Badalona was one of the most important towns during the Spanish industrialization process, from the 19th century onwards. Today, Badalona is in the middle of a process of major urban change which will provide one of the challenges for the 21st century.

    Badalona has the second-largest Moroccan and Pakistani populations of Catalonia. Other significant communities include Maghrebis and Indians; the harbor is chiefly important for its fishing and boat-building trades, while in town there are gas and mineral-oil works, as well as the manufacture of woolen and cotton goods, biscuits and brandy. In May, in occasion of the celebration of Saint Anastasi, the patron saint of Badalona and festivals are organized all around the city; the most important celebration takes place the day before Saint Anastasi Day when, at night, people gather at the maritime promenade to participate in the popular Cremada del Dimoni --similar to the famous Valencian Falles.

    The Palace was the setting for basketball competition during the Olympic Games in Guia de Catalunya, Barcelona:Caixa de Catalunya. ISBN Badalona travel guide from Wikivoyage "Badalona". Francisco Franco Francisco Franco Bahamonde was a Spanish general and politician who ruled over Spain as a military dictator from , after the nationalist victory in the Spanish Civil War , until his death in This period in Spanish history is known as Francoist Spain.

    During the — dictatorship of Miguel Primo de Rivera , Franco was promoted general at age 33, the youngest in Europe ; as a conservative and a monarchist , Franco opposed the abolition of the monarchy and the establishment of a democratic secular republic in With the elections, the conservative Spanish Confederation of Autonomous Right-wing Groups lost by a narrow margin, the leftist Popular Front came to power.

    Intending to overthrow the republic, Franco followed other generals in launching a coup that failed to take control of most of the country and precipitated the Spanish Civil War. With the death of the other generals, Franco became his faction's only leader. Franco gained military support from various authoritarian regimes and groups Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy , while the Republican side was supported by Spanish communists and anarchists as well as the Soviet Union and the International Brigades. In , Franco won the war. He established a military dictatorship and proclaimed himself Head of State and Government under the title El caudillo.

    In April , Franco merged the fascist and traditionalist political parties in the rebel zone, as well as other conservative and monarchist elements, into FET y de las JONS. At the same time, he outlawed all other political parties, thus Spain became a one-party state. Upon his rise to power, Franco implemented policies that repressed political opponents and dissenters , as many as , of whom died through the use of forced labor and executions in the concentration camps his regime operated.

    However, he provided military support to the Axis in numerous ways: he allowed German and Italian ships and submarines to use Spanish harbors and ports, the Abwehr operated in Spain, the Blue Division fought alongside the Axis against the Soviet Union until Scholars consider it as conservative and authoritarian, rather than fascist.

    Historian Stanley G. Payne states, "scarcely any of the serious historians and analysts of Franco consider the Generalissimo to have been a core fascist. By the s, the nature of his regime changed from being totalitarian and using severe repression to an authoritarian system with limited pluralism.

    After chronic economic depression in the late s and early s, Franco presided over the Spanish miracle , abandoning autarky and pursuing economic liberalization , delegating authority to liberal ministers. Franco died in at the age of 82, he restored the monarchy before his death, which made King Juan Carlos I his successor, who led the Spanish transition to democracy.

    His father was of Andalusian ancestry. The latter died in infancy. Francisco was to follow his father into the Navy, but as a result of the Spanish—American War the country lost much of its navy as well as most of its colonies. Not needing any more officers, the Naval Academy admitted no new entrants from to To his father's chagrin, Francisco decided to try the Spanish Army. In , he entered the Infantry Academy in Toledo.

    At 19, Franco was promoted to the rank of first lieutenant in June Two years he obtained a commission to Morocco. Spanish efforts to occupy their new African protectorate provoked the protracted Rif War with native Moroccans , their tactics resulted in heavy losses among Spanish military officers, provided an opportunity to earn promotion through merit. It was said. Franco gained a reputation as a good officer. In , Franco transferred into the newly formed regulares : Moroccan colonial troops with Spanish officers, who acted as shock troops; this transfer into a perilous role m.

    He was assassinated in following the mass detention of several of his colleagues and other left-wing politicians and union leaders.

    Lou dor (El Balancí) (Catalan Edition) Lou dor (El Balancí) (Catalan Edition)
    Lou dor (El Balancí) (Catalan Edition) Lou dor (El Balancí) (Catalan Edition)
    Lou dor (El Balancí) (Catalan Edition) Lou dor (El Balancí) (Catalan Edition)
    Lou dor (El Balancí) (Catalan Edition) Lou dor (El Balancí) (Catalan Edition)
    Lou dor (El Balancí) (Catalan Edition) Lou dor (El Balancí) (Catalan Edition)

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