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Out There. Eric Dolphy. The Baron. Charles Mingus. Sketch of Melba. Randy Weston. Hale Smith.

Out There (extended)

Serene Eric Dolphy. Nebula buy track 3. The Voyage buy track 4. Asteroid Run buy track 5.

Forgotten Planet buy track 6. Fighting for Control buy track 7. Tension buy track 8. Rocket Flight buy track 9. Unknown Sector buy track Story of the Constellations buy track This includes the original album and some bonus tracks that include beta versions of some of the original tracks done in FL studio in and some other tracks that were written around the same time, but did not make it onto an album.

Original description: Ever wondered what it's like in outer space? Ever wondered whether there's life on other planets out there?

What's Out There

In RushJet1's second 8bitpeoples release, humans venture into space to find out and begin colonizing other planets. All is not well, though, as war ensues over control of a newly-found abandoned alien planet with advanced technology. What will the fate of the human race be? Recorded straight from the NES, these tunes were specifically written with the hardware in mind.

The Truth Is Out There

Contact RushJet1. Streaming and Download help. Out There extended by RushJet1. Seth "Machete" Demeter. Eric Pidkameny. Zachs Kappler. Mickael Dujardin. Patrick Borrelli.

Out There: Ω The Alliance

Kattywampus Feanyx. Desma Fettig. Markus Salo.

Out There Out There
Out There Out There
Out There Out There
Out There Out There
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