Pro iOS Geo: Building Apps with Location Based Services

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To put it simply, the feature answers such question as: "Where would I get during half an hour if I use public transport and start the journey right here at 10 am? Time filter : determination of trip time from a source point to several destinations at once up to 2 thousand using a one-and-only request. Routing: providing the most detailed direction data about moving from one point to another.

TravelTime Platform offers free and paid use options.

Location-Based Services: Google Maps API Alternatives

Although the first is useless for business purposes. Companies wishing to access detailed location analytics should be willing to pay. Discussing the alternatives to Google Maps, it would be appropriate to describe TomTom either. The owners of the service did their best and created an excellent product: users can study maps, find destinations, keep track of traffic congestion, and so on.

The Search API. It's pretty cut and dry: the product is focused on finding a specific location address, a certain place, etc.

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The Maps API. The situation is very clear too, and the purpose of the service is obvious. With the Maps API, the user can take advantage of static or dynamic maps and they're quite accurate and precision, according to the creators of TomTom. The Routing API. The user will receive the most accurate data based on traffic and other similar conditions and oriented to different modes of travel: by car, on foot, by public conveyances, etc. The Traffic API. Of course, information about traffic is also useful when planning a route, and Traffic API is needed just for this purpose.

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Jawg Maps is another mapping solution. Its features are diverse and useful: displaying maps, building routes, finding destination points, search for locations, and other similar solutions. All of them are designed to simplify the work with location data. A user is free to create a custom map or choose one he likes among the ready-made themes. As you'll understand after reading our article, mobile and online geocoding services imply the ability to find a certain location by its address and vice versa.

Routing , that is, building the optimal route. The product provides the possibility to analyze location data. For more than 15 years, Sygic has been actively and successfully developing the Professional Navigation SDK packages focused on GPS navigation, work with maps, and other solutions of the same kind. To date, the company has more than 2, corporate clients worldwide. And many of them are sure that Sygic offers the best online maps. Sygic GPS Navigation.

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The solution offers a binding to the road algorithm, which calculates the optimal trajectory of the route based on GPS coordinates or coordinates obtained from a third-party application. Sygic Travel Maps.

The product is aimed at travelers who can take advantage of the universal technology of building multi-level maps with the possibility of displaying user objects and graphic elements. These products provide routing algorithms with traffic prediction and work with cars and trucks, respectively. Family Locator.

An excellent mapping solution for caring parents who want to know where their children are at one time or another and be able to communicate with them if necessary the latter is solved using the built-in chat. These cameras are a product focused on improving the quality and therefore safety of driving a car. All the above products are easily integrated using a convenient API. Opportunities such as access to maps from cloud storage, advanced search, building commercial routes, optimization of car parks systems and much more are also offered. Developers can select a map data provider for each project.

Sygic provides geocoding and search capabilities based on structured and unstructured text, as well as using the self-learning auto-complete feature. Well, it's not surprising: the project has truly advanced functionality. Maps , an obvious product, given the specifics of the project. Geocoding and Search. Read on to understand how a geocoding tool is related to the search. Routing and Navigation.

Examining the map is only half the battle. Users appreciate the opportunity to get advice on the optimal route much more.

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Fleet telematics. The product belongs to the advanced custom map features focused on high-level projects with a need in smart fleet management systems. Here Maps are capable of displaying 3D models of buildings, and some sights have an exact graphic image of real objects. In addition, each map scheme has a nightly version, as well as a version illustrating road traffic. This allows users to view maps even without Internet. The company is positioning its product as a geocoder designed to quickly and accurately determine the address by geographic coordinates.

The service would come in handy for a business in need of location alerts to monitor collaborators and logistics. It's enough to connect the service, configure the generation of reports on the indicator of interest, and the required geographical coordinates will automatically be converted into addresses from the LocationIQ database.

LocationIQ prides itself on three indicators:. The pricing policy is quite adequate. Moreover, by adding the inscription "Search by LocationIQ. To connect the basic map with many built-in features, all that is required is the LocationIQ account. And then the level of the service's availability will only be limited by the tariff plan see above. Owners of the service promise that the company can safely grow and scale their project, without fear of LocationIQ being unable to withstand the increasing load.

Before proceeding to the analysis of the Google Maps API alternatives, we'd like to tell you what parameters we were guided by and why. Let's get started. We guess it's time to talk about great geocoding features we've already mentioned several times earlier in our article. Okay, what is geocoding and why and when do we need it?

Geocoding is the process of transforming a description of a place coordinates, address, place name into its specific location on the surface of the Earth.

About privacy and Location Services in iOS 8 and later

There are different types of geocoding, and in this case, we're talking about direct geocoding. So, direct geocoding is used to determine the coordinates by the object name or its address. The API takes into account common typos and offers several suitable options. Through the geocoding tool, you can quickly find different types of locations:.

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Reverse geocoding is the opposite of the technology described above and is used to determine the address of an object by its coordinates. Say, you can select the house closest to a point on the map and get its name. Reverse geocoding tool usage options:. Determining the nearest address by GPS coordinates : to order a taxi, find the nearest restaurant, and so on. In fact, you can take advantage of it at any time when you need to know where you are right now.

Tracking route.

Pro iOS Geo: Building Apps with Location Based Services
Pro iOS Geo: Building Apps with Location Based Services
Pro iOS Geo: Building Apps with Location Based Services
Pro iOS Geo: Building Apps with Location Based Services
Pro iOS Geo: Building Apps with Location Based Services
Pro iOS Geo: Building Apps with Location Based Services

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