Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes

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The Reading Rainbow poster to improve the teaching of reading.

This bright and colourful A1 poster clearly displays the whole Reading Rainbow. Designed by Jane Considine, the Reading Rainbow is a visual of all the necessary primary reading domains and competencies. The three layers of the Reading Rainbow, from top to bottom, cover: 1. Each layer contains 9 reading lenses and by using these lenses pupils will become more confident explorers of a range of text types. The Reading Rainbow is an effective teaching tool for all year groups in the primary phase. Teachers can use this poster to show pupils which three reading lenses they are focusing on in a guided reading Book Talk session.

The reading lenses on this poster can also be referred to when using reading skills in other areas of the curriculum.

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For example, when distinguishing between fact and opinion in a history session. In addition, having the lenses displayed on this poster can help to direct and deepen discussions about individual reading or a text being shared in a class story session. This poster can also be used to keep a record of the lenses covered in Book Talk sessions, ensuring all competencies are being taught. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

Company No. What is the Reading Rainbow poster? The competencies of reading: ANALYTICs Each layer contains 9 reading lenses and by using these lenses pupils will become more confident explorers of a range of text types.

See below for information about how to use this product. Hard wearing, full colour poster. Size A1 Just like a movie trailer, a book trailer tells the story in a way that gives snippets and highlights, but sells the audience on wanting to experience it. Information is available to guide the teacher with the process.

So many books, so little time…

There are a number of resources students can choose from to share their response, including:. Padlets can be collaboratively worked on with global classroom connections. The students complete a Padlet page in partners or small groups. The teacher posts instructions and some research topics for the class to contribute to. Teacher: Paintings of the Rainbow Serpent first appeared in Arnham Land rock art more than 6, years ago. Your research will help us understand some background to the Dreamtime story. Choose a topic and collect enough information to write a paragraph about your chosen topic in your own words.

Research rock art in Arnham Land.

11th Class English Book 1, Ch 1 Button Button - First year English book 1

Students capture, compare, contrast and organise their thoughts on a theme or character in the text. They can use Popplet as a mind-mapping tool to help them think and learn visually or if unavailable, post-it sized paper that can be moved and grouped as the discussion unfolds. Students can collaborate in pairs to capture facts, thoughts, and images and create links between them.

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Students create trading cards of all the characters of the text: Goorialla, Rainbow Lorikeet brothers, Tree Goanna brothers. These cards can be used for a pre-writing exercise for writing a narrative. Trading Cards could also be made on Indigenous culture facts, Geographical or historical facts of Kakadu National Park, own Dreamtime story character cards.

In many of the Dreamtime Legends, native Australian fauna is used to portray a message about how things came to be the way they are. Read the story again and identify the parts of the story. Discuss and record the features of this type of narrative. Re-read the narrative and re-listen to the YouTube version of the book, stopping at:.

Some of them were killed by flying stones. Others ran away to hide, turning themselves into animals, birds, insects and plant life that live in the country today. Craft is anything done by a writer to make their writing look or sound a certain way. After the discussion, students create their own Dick Roughsey inspired alternative ending. Students create a GarageBand piece to examine the text.

Ideas for Garageband or similar include:. Have students read The Rainbow Serpent and look for word choice and visual literacy symbols that relate to Dreaming stories. In small groups have students identify powerful descriptions that create specific images enhancing the text. When sharing have students identify the part of speech.

Example: adjective: sharp peaks adjective: rayed headdress verb: the great mountain shook and thundered Add the words to the word wall. Provide a venn diagram for the students and ask them to complete it for their dreamtime story ending and The Rainbow Serpent original ending, looking for similarities in the intersection of the circles.

Develop an assessment rubric with the students based on text structure, vocabulary, cohesion and sentence structure, and peer assess the dreamtime story ending. Read the text discussing the narrative structure and making connections to other narratives previously read. Return to the beginning and focus on the introduction:. Far off in Dreamtime there were only people, no animals or birds; no trees or bushes; no hills or mountains. The country was flat. Goorialla, the great Rainbow Sepent, stirred and set off to look for his own tribe.

He travelled across Australia from south to north. Read the introduction to two or three other Dreamtime stories.

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After discussing the introductions have students in pairs or independently write an introduction to their own Dreamtime story. Students may choose one of the following titles or think of their own Dreamtime story:. After sharing, choose one of the students introductions and do a joint construction of the complication and conclusion for the selected story whole class.

The Rainbow Summary & Study Guide

Students can create, edit and publish an ebook using Creative Book Builder. Sharing is easy through the iTunes store enabling a global audience to view students work. Independently, students imagine the dialogue between the Rainbow Lorikeet brothers from the point when they went searching for shelter.

In pairs students write the conversation that may have taken place as they searched for shelter or when they realised where they were and what had happened.

The Rainbow Serpent

Form groups of four two pairs to share the conversations. The group could create their own video on Vimeo so groups could watch the performances later. Vimeos can also be embedded to class blogs for global connections. Refer back to the writing task which involved individual or paired writing introduction and joint construction complication and resolution.

In groups of 3 have students re-read the text having given each group a section to focus on introduction, complication and resolution. This requires deeper level thinking as students choose and justify the words that are the most important in the story. Do this in small groups to generate discussion. Provide time for groups to share and discuss their decisions. View youtube clip for instructions on how to use the Popplet app. Animoto is a Web 2. Students can embed to blogs, email them or share them via twitter for a global audience.

ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that allows students create their own augmented reality 3D pop-up book. Skype Classroom Teachers post a collaborative literature study or book chat request to Skype Classroom. Skype allows for interacting with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Many authors connect this way so having an indigenous author skype into the class would be an opportunity to practice different levels of questioning, speaking and listening and culture exchange.

Pic Collage can also clip photos, cut around people and objects so that they can be added to other backgrounds and places. Students can create freeze-frame pictures of themselves as characters and then add in the background. These pictures can then be used to create a comic strip or make a plan for their own narrative. Inquiry questions could include, for example:.

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  7. Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Australia. Date of Publication Category Children's Books. Tipperary Station School is a one teacher school located on a cattle station 2.

    Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes
    Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes
    Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes
    Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes
    Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes
    Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes Reading by Rainbow - Book 1 and teaching notes

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