The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey

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The translations utilise two different received texts: NIV - "About years four hundred and fifty. This NKJV received text does seem to carry a degree of ambiguity, which could have been removed by a few extra words, eg - And after these which took about years four hundred and fifty, He gave judges until Samuel the prophet.

It is interesting to note that the NKJV translation moves the word 'judges' forward in their translation. The NKJV translation chooses to mention 'judges' prior to the mention of the years. In doing they remove any ambiguity and depict only the latter meaning.

However, despite concerns over which received text is reliable and issues over translation, God's intended meaning becomes quite clear when one considers 1Kings Hence a period of years from the defeat of the 7 nations to Samuel is clearly seen as being far too long! So the years would become at least years and therefore be in excess of years over the defined 1 Kings years.

So in conclusion the years in Acts chapter 13 must be referring to the period between the Exodus and the defeat of the 7 nations. NB: The year period initiates the longer year period and since the years starts with the choosing of the fathers, then the choosing of the fathers must also be the event which begins the years. Gal Since both the and year periods end at the Exodus, it is apparent their starting points are 30 years apart. Unfortunately, even armed with this knowledge, determining the events which initiate the and year periods is still difficult.

However, rather than at this point entering upon a lengthy analysis, for the sake of brevity the starting points are simply stated. The 'descendants' mentioned in Gen and Acts were Isaac and Jacob. The selection of Jacob occurred at his birth, Gen At this time Isaac was 60 years old and Abraham was years old; Gen , It does not identify all the possible assaults we could experience, but it does provide a master story to guide us.

Their cry for rescue from slavery came up to God. The Lord then showed his mighty power over Egypt, and he led them out. The plan was to move through the wilderness and to the Promised Land, but the wilderness journey became longer and more difficult than anyone anticipated. The wilderness is, indeed, a place of destitution and powerlessness. If you have ever felt that way during your troubles, this is your story. Threats are everywhere. As people who want to help, the wilderness journeys of those we love will evoke our compassion. We grieve with those who grieve, we move closer to them and we pray that they would be strengthened.

Things are not exactly what they seem. Though our senses tell us that we are alone, the Lord is there, and since he is the source of life, life will come even in an otherwise lifeless land.

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This desert is where water comes from rocks and manna appears every morning. It is also where the Lord tests and trains his royal children so they can see what is actually in their hearts and can ascend with maturity and wisdom to the royal courts Deut. The test goes to the depths of our souls: Will we believe and trust him when our circumstances seem dire? In the original wilderness testing, the people forgot God; they complained against him, which is a way of holding him in contempt; they pined away for Egypt; and they looked for help apart from the Lord.

So often we replicate their journey, and when life is hard we trust what our senses tell us more than what God says. In response to our wavering allegiances, Jesus himself entered the wilderness.

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It turns out that the wilderness journey, which is the path along which God takes his royal children, is the way of King Jesus Matt. With this awareness in mind, the Brechtian hallmarks that I brought to design meetings were: frequent direct address to the audience, often in confrontational ways; the use of signs to announce scenes and songs, creating stops in the action for reflection; the clear separation of songs from the action of scenes, breaking down the pretense that singing is speaking; constant reminders that this is a performance, preventing the audience from losing itself in the emotion of scenes and instead encouraging thought; a recurring subversion of traditional musical and script form as a way of keeping the audience in a state of awareness and surprise even to the point of uncomfortably inconclusive endings to songs and scenes at times ; unabashed delivery of clear moral messages; the complete lack of a hero or heroine — instead, in fact, an entire cast of antagonists; and a stark theatricality directly related to message rather than to a pleasing aesthetic.

What was startlingly bold and daring in looks quaint to a contemporary audience. Riffing on the grandeur of opera production, we settled on a large urban ruin with many levels that reminded the audience that they were looking at a set in a theatre. We not only revealed the backstage space surrounding the set, we lit it and removed the usual masking that insulates the audience from backstage workings.

As a way of unsettling the space, we contrasted the elegance of the Kasser Theatre with a distressed concrete environment that was an intentionally vague location.

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It could be an abandoned interior or exterior one might find in any city in the world, save for its London-specific graffiti. We used the same guiding idea to shape the costume design: modern clothing that was at once theatrical and familiar, which told the audience that these were characters constructed to make a point, not personalities to get lost in. We kept the musicians in the pit in a high position, just at the level of the audience seats rather than lowered out of sight, so that spectators would see the action somewhat through the musicians, through the score.

We lit the musicians to include them in the picture, another reminder that this was a self-aware performance. I also asked for a bridge between the stage and the theatre house: a wide platform that stepped down gradually from the edge of the stage to the house floor to be used in moments of particular confrontation between actors and audience. With the cast, the primary challenge was performance style.

While the aesthetic demanded a fresh take to power the intent of the piece, the demands upon actors in The Threepenny Opera have remained constant for over years. This last demand flies in the face of mainstream modern acting — which insists on immersion into character, into fooling the audience that we actually are who we say we are — and proved the most difficult of all because it contradicts what students learn in most acting classes.

The identity of artist as activist in the moment of performance is not a role most of our students have ever considered, let alone experienced.

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We were all duly humbled before these demands, and I must admit that the actors were utterly lost for the first weeks of rehearsal. It is sometimes a trait of this wonderful young generation that they want a speedy road to approval or success, a magic bullet. But there are no shortcuts in art. I took great pains to remind them of this. We talked often about struggle and the power of experimentation.

The wilderness Jack Kerouac called home

I admitted that all of us in the room were struggling, and that this might in fact be very helpful in a piece that is largely about struggle. We made connections between issues and characters in the play and what was going on around us in the world. I urged patience, another trait many young people today have not been encouraged to develop. We talked about the power of a personal stake in their work vs.

Actors began to breathe into their roles and truly play the action. They began to have fun inside the material.

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And something like an authentic point of view emerged. Getting into the theatre for technical rehearsals — where everything comes together or not! The students heroically process all kinds of new information, making myriad adjustments. I can help them, of course, but they have to galvanize this monster through an act of will and trust. We just let civilians think that, because this other thing — like a drug — is too hard to describe.

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Where there never was a hat. It can also be unspeakably fun as discoveries are made. And fun is central to art. We should.

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I recall hearing an NPR interview a few years ago in which a sociologist stated that pornography had become so widespread because most people in first and second world cultures never encounter wilderness; he saw the hunger for wilderness as the need many were trying to satisfy so unsuccessfully in pornography.

If only we could get them to engage with the wilderness of art. People ask me what my next project is. I will do them somewhere, probably not at MSU, and I will play and delve and love it. It will be a design puzzle and will frustrate the actors. The singing is hard. What can we help you find?

The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey
The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey
The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey
The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey
The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey
The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey
The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey The Puzzle Maker: A Wilderness Journey

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