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1 398 425 illustrated rainbow stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

Pray — Volunteer — Donate. Listen to the Podcast here! The Upside Down Rainbow. Now I obviously know that the rainbow above the ground is seen as a hallo, but now I am seeing it below the ground from here in Arizona.

Since when did science stop becoming the amazement factor and why does anyone ever consider this a point to take away from God as our creator? The science behind how God made things has always been there, we are the ones discovering it, not creating it. I saw that from what appeared to be his waist up he looked like glowing metal, as if full of fire, and that from there down he looked like fire; and brilliant light surrounded him. You might want to go read it and try to picture what he saw.

One story says If God were pulling back on an arrow in his wrath, the rainbow is a reminder that after the flood of all mankind except for Noah and his family, God placed the arch of the rainbow in the sky, to point towards heaven, he did not pull the bow towards people, rather himself.

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The rainbow is a promise in the beginning, and a fulfilled promise in the end! How awesome is that. I think the symbolism of this upside-down rainbow, which is actually our ability to see the halo affect of the rainbow is just how close we are getting to see Jesus. It made me think that the bow has turned back around? That his wrath has once again flipped.

This time we read that the earth will not be destroyed by a flood again,. This sounds like a very bad nuclear war, asteroids, or volcanos, it could be many disastrous things but listen, for those who accept Christ. Years ago I had a vision that rainbows started popping up all over in the sky and I knew in my spirit that it was time, Jesus was about to return, the time was finally up.

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My spirit leap with joy knowing he was going to return. The time is getting closer my friends. Dear Jesus, I accept you as my savior, you are the rainbow maker. But End of the Rainbow is also a defiantly celebratory and triumphant look at an artist who, despite everything, managed to dazzle and captivate audiences all over the world. Judy, her fifth husband Mickey Deans and her accompanist, Anthony, check into the Ritz Hotel in London before beginning a six-week string of performances at The Talk of the Town nightclub.

But as opening night nears, Judy must battle her demons to take her spot centre-stage. A backstage musical is one where the narrative arc of the story on stage or on film is woven with onstage musical numbers that correspond to the ideas and emotions of the story. The audience, then, has a stronger role to play in that you become part of the show.

Best Rainbow Colors images in | Rainbow, Rainbow colors, Rainbow quote

Judy breaks the fourth wall and starts performing directly for you. For a person like Garland, whose on-screen and off-screen lives were seemingly inseparable in the eyes of the public, this mode of storytelling allows the audience to truly grasp how the machinations of fame and celebrity challenged Garland. Think of it as getting a few shows in one. All of them will be fabulous.

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Elena recently wrote The Gods of Strangers and has appeared in numerous productions for the company as an actor. This is her mainstage directorial debut.

Judy Garland is brought to life by musical theatre icon Helen Dallimore. Helen is a beloved actor, writer and director.

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Mickey Deans is brought to life by Adelaide actor Nic English, who sports a rather spectacular bowl haircut for the role. Stephen, as Anthony, plays piano live throughout the show. He has become a master of different English accents.

The Rainbow Fish read by Ernest Borgnine

All of this is supported by an incredible six-piece band led by musical director Carol Young. In a recent interview , Peter Quilter spoke about his decision to create a play that told the whole story about Judy Garland:. I want the audience to see a real person, with all her greatness, all her faults, all her cracks, all her sparkle.

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When writing about somebody so loved, you feel a pressure to always show them at their best. This is true of so many biographical shows and movies — always showing the positive side. But my belief was that if you give the audience the whole person then they can truly begin to understand them.

The Rainbow (Illustrated) The Rainbow (Illustrated)
The Rainbow (Illustrated) The Rainbow (Illustrated)
The Rainbow (Illustrated) The Rainbow (Illustrated)
The Rainbow (Illustrated) The Rainbow (Illustrated)
The Rainbow (Illustrated) The Rainbow (Illustrated)
The Rainbow (Illustrated) The Rainbow (Illustrated)
The Rainbow (Illustrated) The Rainbow (Illustrated)
The Rainbow (Illustrated) The Rainbow (Illustrated)
The Rainbow (Illustrated)

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