Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2)

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No editing is allowed. Once complete you sign the guitar and pass it on to the next musician to write a song on the same guitar. Great experience! Playing the music that he liked and not what was dictated. Playing new and up and coming underground music. Bruce Gibson Photoshoot Nov — Huge shoutout to matttibbophotography colewgibbs and brucemgibson for these awesome shots!

First one was an acoustic set at the Diner with all these amazing songwriters! Over 16 days of live music 24 hours a day for 16 different charities.

Visual-Kei Rock Star

Lyric Dubee The Definition of Success! On the other hand it could simply be defined in the name Lyric Dubee. As I finish recording with Fabrizio Grossi in LA, Robert will be spending a few days shooting video and doing interviews of the behind the scenes recording process. Thanks to Mascot Label Group. The release will be in followed by a tour! Francis Centre.

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  3. My Journey | Lyric Dubee Musician.

On The Pat Stone Show. Chills right? I was taken back with his talent and charisma.


I had the chance to talk with this rising young music phenomenon and ask him a few things about his life in music thus far. Watch Here…. Lyric already has four albums under his belt and at a young age of 17, is still very early in his career. A number of them had not yet produced their first music video or even had a photo shoot prior to my first contact with their parent or manager. I was backstage with Lyric, his bandmates and manager extraordinaire, Robert Knight prior to his show.

We had the opportunity to talk to Lyric about his early start to his musical career and motivation becoming the musician he is today. Lyric Dubee is a musical prodigy in the truest sense. Lyric is the next up and coming star from Canada. His appreciation for a variety of genres including rock, pop, blues, and jazz has launched him into success at a young age.

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Recently Lyric added some new threads to his rock and roll wardrobe. Nov — Lyric has been making music for many years.

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Residing in Canada, Lyric first began entertaining people there bringing wonder and amazement to all who listened. Lyric then made his way to the USA playing in many towns from east to west, leaving everyone in awe. His fingers move effortlessly from one end to the other of the neck. Watching him make something from nothing with such ease you wonder how.

Could he be the next guitar God? He has become one of the greatest guitarists that rock or any genre has seen in a longtime. Recently Lyric signed with Robert Knight. Robert is the photographer to the rock stars, and has been for a great number of years. Being a photographer for so many years, he has come to know talent. And when Lyric crossed his path through a friend on Facebook who happened to see Lyric perform in Toronto, he had to have him. Lyric says Robert told him he had, swagger! Robert has been very successful in the management of several young up and coming artists.

Robert has photographed and worked with the greatest rock stars of all time like, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Slash and the list goes on and on. Now Robert adds another great rocker and guitarist to his already long list, Lyric Dubee. This was founded by Robert Knight and he has partnered with Guitar Center and Fender among others in search of the best guitar players in the world. Lyric says he is lucky and fortunate enough to be inducted into the, Brotherhood of the Guitar in August of this year.

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Everything turned for Lyric beginning in July when Robert contacted him. Lyric attended a Prodigy Camp in Washington after winning a scholarship to be one of twenty attending the camp. Since he was already on the west coast, he flew down afterwards to meet Robert for a few days. After this meeting, Robert then made his way to Canada in September, and Lyric signed to be under his management.

Born and raised in Barrie, he started his music career at age nine and has just returned from Los Angeles where he was working on recording his fourth album. In Grade 11 at St. A lot of musicians will practise and practise and become accomplished technically. During the summer break, Lyric had to make time to play as he grew his skills and broadened his business contacts. Since June, he recorded two new songs, attended a prodigy camp in Seattle, met with rock photographer Robert Knight in Los Angeles, attended an interprovincial music camp and released his third single, Bridge to Nowhere.

As well as practising and playing his guitar, Lyric also takes time to keep his body, which is his instrument as a vocalist, in shape.

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One of his courses at St. Veteran visual kei artists are capitalising on the increased interest: X Japan are currently touring the States for the first time and Luna Sea , one of the first successful visual kei bands, will begin their world tour this December. Meanwhile, eastern Europe is also about to get a heady whiff of extra-hold hairspray courtesy of Guild : four pretty lads with cheekbones as sharp as samurai blades and eyebrows that appear to have been tweezed almost to the point of extinction.


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Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2) Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2)
Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2) Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2)
Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2) Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2)
Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2) Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2)
Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2) Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2)
Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2) Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2)
Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2) Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2)
Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2) Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2)
Visual-Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love Book 2)

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